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public charity Association "ECOCARIB"

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We are a public charitable Association, which by its own efforts and the forces of like-minded people are struggling with the plastic waste of our shores, seas and rivers. We are those who care about the flora and fauna of our land. We invite all volunteers to take part in the purification of our island from human waste.
This is our home! Let it be pure! Whales come to us to create their families, and we feed them plastic.

It's time to say: 
Stop! End of trash!
We are raising funds to save the nature of the Dominican Republic from destruction. The support of each of you is very important to us. Every bit of sand we contribute is going to be fundamental to our development of the environment and the ecosystem, flora, fauna and all marine biology. Thousands of animals and mammals die every year after eating plastic. Help us to clear the island of debris. 
All funds transferred to our special card account will be aimed at carrying out public and cultural actions to clean our island of garbage, garbage removal and its recycling, to Fund our educational programs for schoolchildren.
Our world is choking on plastic. The equivalent of one plastic garbage truck enters our seas every minute, 
every day, all year round. Without significant intervention, this amount is expected to increase to the equivalent of four trucks.
The crisis of plastic pollution is massive, and cleaning and recycling of beaches is simply not enough. 
We need real solutions now!
In addition, all the plastic collected together can be recycled into electricity, and not buried in the long-suffering earth or burn, than further pollute the environment.

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